Finally, I found affordable gravity connection at  lab ovens  online. Now it’s my turn to open my email. Oh wow I got message from my boss. I just wanna share his message. I am pretty excited for our upcoming Parts Consultant service excellence competition. 

“ As we prepare for the upcoming Parts Counterperson Service Excellence competition and familiarize you with the process, attached are “Interactive Parts Customer Sales Process forms that you need to study and practice prior to a kick off meeting that we will announce shortly.   Also attached are Pre-Competition Preparation forms which will be discussed in greater detail at the meeting.   During the meeting, we will also do some role playing before the actual competition at the dealership level the week of Sept. 24.  This is a great opportunity for all of you to showcase your customer interaction skills and parts knowledge.  The winner at the local competition will represent Triple J at the Regional competition in Thailand (an all expense first class trip) in November and a prize award of $1,000 for the top finisher ($500 for the 2nd placer). “

Hmmp sounds interesting. Good luck everyone.

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