Need Low Income Housing

When I was young I dreamt of having my own house when I get married. When I met my husband and got committed with each other, we promised that we will not get married until we buy a house of our own. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I got pregnant and the wedding bells rang after that.
Now, that we already have a child having a home is still a dream unrealized. We thought that if  we migrate to the states we can immediately build a house but that was not the case. Having a house here is really expensive and I consider it as one of the most cash breaking necessity we have right now. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to rent an apartment.
After a few years of living here, I thought of seeking some help on how to apply for low income housing. We thought that it will be a great idea and a great move for our family if we acquire a house and lot even if it’s just a small cheaper one. At least we can already say that one of our greatest dreams finally came true, right?
I am actually chatting with a friend that is a real estate agent. She is giving me the requirements and some bits of advices on how to avail one. Wish us luck guys , I really hope to have the house before this year ends.

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