flashing lights and moving signs

Contribution by Kennith Griffin
What does it take to get some attention around here! When the TVs on, it’s like the whole world blurs away in the background. I try to ask my kids and husband what they want for dinner, or even what they want to drink with dinner, and nothing. No response, not even a nod. It’s like they are hypnotized and instructed to stare at the box with the flashing lights. I wonder if I could go to and find a TV package that only gave you music and educational channel. Would they be so mesmerized? I know it’s not the content of the programs they watch because when I watch those shows for even a few seconds I feel a little dumber. I really do think it’s just the action of giving something your attention because it moves and makes noise. Isn’t that why all of these companies are paying people to wave and dance with signs on the street corners? You can’t help but pay attention to them. So we’ve downgraded ourselves to this: flashing lights and wavy signs. We’re going nowhere fast.

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