Travel Agency

Guest post from: Steve Delaney

My uncle owns a travel agency in Florida that is pretty successful. He has several travel agents who work for him. Most of the time people come in to his office to get some help and guidance when they are planning a big vacation. A lot of times people are trying to plan their honeymoons or retirement vacations. My uncle said that a lot of the time people mention that they wish they could do all of the planning online. That made him realize that he should have a website where people could go to plan their vacations and even chat with someone live if they had questions. My uncle knew that my father in law also owns a small business and asked him for some advice. He said that he needed help setting up internet for his company and a website. My father in law told him that he just searched t1.xo online and was able to find everything he needed to set up internet for his company. Hopefully this will help my uncle set up everything he needs to make his travel agency even more marketable.

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