Bad Beagle!

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

My sweet husband surprised me with a Beagle puppy three years ago today. I named the puppy Henry. He was an angel for the first three days we had him at home. As he grew, he started getting into everything. I felt like a full-time babysitter. I didn’t have too much trouble house-breaking him, but I did have trouble getting him to mind. Henry would run away from me, chew up everything in the house, beg at the table, and jump on guests. I was so embarrassed. I tried everything from obedience classes to logging on http://www.TVBYDIRECT.COM so that I could religiously watch the Dog Whisperer. Nothing worked until his second birthday. For some reason, when Henry turned two his bad habits stopped. He wasn’t fussy, would come when I called, and didn’t enjoy chewing on furniture and expensive leather shoes like he did before. Now he is a pleasure to be around and I love taking him places. Henry is a lot of company for me.

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kim said...

nice pet you got there! ours is cat, she can be mean sometimes, lol!