Stole the precious things

My colleague's wife RN stole her bag last Wednesday and it was inside her trunk! Everything gone, phones, itouch, driver's license and credit cards. It was happened at GMP around lunchtime she parked there to see a patient. When she came back, her doors unlocked, gloved compartment open. She opened the trunk to check her bag it wasn't there. They broke the key cylinder, passenger side. That's so unfair that people do things like that. But She's thankful that she's okay and safe.

We advised make sure to cancel all her credit cards, atm cards, phone everything that deals with her financial information and much better to get rfid credit cards. Don't leave our valuable stuff inside the vehicle. We need to secure our belongings. I hope it wont happened again this kind of bad experienced to other the folks. Be aware constantly and don't trust to everyone.

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NovaS said...

that what scares me the most when someone just bust into your property and steal all your information....

kim said...

that is just so bad...