All about me

Give me two or four more days and I am back to serious blogging! I was so engaged with a lot of things that I can barely blog hop. Actually, I have so much stories and pictures to share but I don't have the time to post I am totally swamped. I've been so stressed lately because of my work and other stuff. I can't seem to center of attention on anything right now. I have so much that I desire to carry out in my head that I don't know where to begin. I am so lazy today.

We've got a hectic schedule this week. To start off, Last Monday hubby and I went to Casey’s doctor for his 22 months check up. Tuesday I had Dental Appointment. Wednesday I had training regarding our new system at work they upgrade our ADP system. Thursday was my off I went to GPO shopping mall to find out plus size clothing for women with my girlfriends, bud sad to say we cannot find a good one that’s why I decided to check out online when I got home. Fortunately I found plus size clothes or plus size clothing at they have superb and unique clothes. I love it! Then Friday back to reality work, work again.

So This Saturday and Sunday hopefully I had a good day. ( Crossing my fingers hehe)

Happy weekend Everyone!

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