Weekend Getaway

My week end was nice. I was with my family.

Starting from Friday evening. We went to GPO mall we watched movie Pirates of the Caribbean after work at Hollywood Theaters. Then we shopped of course. Hubby, me and Casey has new loots. I had so much fun and my two boys as well. Hubby's trying to seek iPad sleeve for his brother at GPO but sad to say out of stock. He wants to buy horizontal sleeve or vertical sleeve like these.

Don't worry hubby I'm gonna buy these online. Don't be sad okay? Anyway, we headed home past 12 am.

On Saturday we had guests. I clean up our house and I cooked kare-kare and menudo.

Today is Sunday.. We attended Birthday Party. We went to church and Ypao beach. The weather was nice that's why casey enjoyed the beach.

Now back at home, writing my experiences on my weekend gateaway. It was a tiring day but we've enjoyed.

OMG the weekend is almost over in a few hours. Feel lazy to go back to work tomorrow. hay!

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