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Just got done eating fresh coconut ( got it from our backyard ) Nothing to do that's why I decided to make coconut juice w/ condense milk and crushed ices! So refreshing and super yummy! My son and hubby they really like it. Its cool we have coconut tree in our backyard :) I love it..

Now it's time to open my blog, facebook account, email and search PC Tools for my computer I need to download antivirus . OMG what is this.

Jhona Guess what? You know who just got a new Apple iPad2 to test out and keep without paying a cent;) It did not come with any leather case or fancy accessories but who cares, it was free! Let me know when you get one too :)

I got this from my facebook account. Urgh I know this is not true and spam message as well. I really hate to receive this kind of message. Hey stop forwarding this kind of untrue message okay. I will delete you in my account.. behlat!

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