Candy shop

Guest post by Jewel Cole

When I was a little girl I decided that when I grew up I wanted to own a candy store… That's right, a candy store! I know that sounds totally silly, but in a college town like mine I figured I could start a candy store that stayed open late and really turn it into the type of place young adults wanted to hang out, sort of like a coffee shop. Once I got the inventory and a storefront rented right in downtown I got to work on creating a fun and funky website. I found a good domain name through research at one of the registrars like, then my friend Sarah help me with all design aspects of the site. It's got so many colors and fun things to click on, I could spend all day just rolling around on my very own site! I can't wait for the grand opening next week, and the store is already getting some great buzz in the local papers in student community, so we'll see!

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