Family Weekend

It’s Saturday once again so I bet we are all excited for the weekend right? And I’m also excited to reckon backyard design ideas. Wohooo! Relaxing in the huge room has develop and stimulated to the outdoors.

Peeps what are your plans for the weekend?

Hmmp tonight I hope to catch a movie with my 2 boys, but not sure if we can get away. It depends on my son’s mood. Thanks god Casey was okay now. He’s been sick for almost 2 weeks. If we cannot go to watch movie tonight I’m reckoning to cook my new recipe pasta. I’m pretty sure my two boys gonna like it. =) thanks to my “mare” for teaching me how to do it. Love it.

Sunday I am planning to go flea market to buy sago’t gulaman and other “kakanin” from PI. Oh boi I need to get up early.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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