Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is…

1. I had a great weekend with my family
2. Good lunch with my two boys at merloj steak house
3. Nice movie Battle LA is an action thriller about a global offensive.
4. I found emergency medical assistance online the most trusted medical assistance program by The Good Sam Club. This is a medical support team.
5. Will go to Kmart and buy casey’s stuff
6. I got compliments from my boss and the owner of our company as a beginner being parts consultant trainee. I did a great job. Thank you so much to my mentor. I erudite a lot and my boss telling me he will evaluate me next week after our annual inventory.
7. Thank you god all the blessings
8. Paycheck
9. Watching my favorite TFC teleserye Mara Clara
10. Bonding time with my little man and big baby. Lol!

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