Late in the office

The time here at work went fast and I am so excited to go home. But before clocking out I’ll check my email. Oh no I got email from my boss.


I’ve seen one person late again today, again please follow your schedules, if you will be late for work for some reasons, and please call me or text me.


I know he was talking about me coz I am late today. It’s my fault coz I almost sleep around 2:00 AM lastnight then I woke up 7:30 in the morning. I was explaining to my boss why I’m late today then he exonerates me. Thank you sir.. lmao! I also asked him regarding dental plan and medical plan of our company because I’m planning to get health insurance. He suggested HR department for further information.

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Eds said...

hahaha late comer ka parin hanggang ngayon ha hehehe! :)