Workplace Life

As the time goes by fast I have hard time keeping up the date since am too busy in work these days. My last update was last Tuesday. Poor me I’m trying to update my site as much as I can but sometimes swamped in my work and other stuff that’s why lack of update here. I felt so tired for work this week because of the days fast approaching and there are many things to do especially in my work. Lots of special order parts needs to be follow-up at warehouse. Unfortunately, because of my swamped schedule my blog is being dormant these past few days.

Yikes! It has been raining today here which is makes even harder to drive in the road. Folks beware okey and drive safety. I really hate the rain its make me feel lazy and I want to sleep because of the weather.

Darn, before I know it, it’s my dad’s birthday will be here pretty soon. I had more 6 days to reckon what is the finest endowment to buy. Yipeee!

Anyway I had a great day with my sissy yhang and we’re talking about mechanical engineering internships career while eating our lunch and just wanted to share the food we’ve bought.

We bought it from old town Chinese restaurant near in our office work.

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