Sharing my thoughts

It's creepy how quick time goes sometimes. I am still in rebuff that my baby is 17months already and 6 more months Casey’s turning two years old. I’m extremely wound up my baby moving past stage. Now he can play more and soon he can talk more. But at the same time, I am gloomy when I am thoughts my baby was moving past stage from baby into toddler hood. I wish I could impede some of these costly moments so that I can relive him. I love you my little man. I wish I could give everything you want.

Its already time here and need some sleep my eyes getting hard but before I logging off I need to search about cheap knee sleeve for my brother in-law and just wanted to share casey and I pictures as well.

@ Micronesia Mall
These photo taken by hubby.. Thanks baby.. More updates to come.. Have a nice weekend to all! cheers.. =)

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Cody said...

I found a great knee sleeve at too! It works great and i've been injury free since i started using it!