Planning for vacation

Mppp!! Perfect weather for a cup of that hot chocolate drink while arched up on the couch watching some TV with hubby, eh? Actually, it's also a perfect bed weather. It’s raining outside again. Rain, rain go away.. teehee!

Hubby and I were thinking of vacation. Mppp sounds good right?? What a great vacation with love ones this month of so called loveber! Don't you wish guys could experience to have a vacation in a nice place? I wish we can have some extra money coming in and we’ll be able to take vacation that we’ve needed for the longest time. I want to go Belmont Park in San Diego's beachfront amusement center. I want to get a lot of memories that I want to share with others over and over again throughout the years. Hopefully I could find San Diego attraction discounts online.

btw, Yesterday we went AJ's 7th birthday party ( my colleague son) with hubby's nephew, nieces and my son at chuck and cheeses. I will post the photos in my update..

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