I miss my family

The evening usual is pretty grueling here at the moment. Lot of chores need to be done. I need to clean our flat. It’s been a months the last time I clean up. Totally swamped here. Actually, I just arrived at home from work and I’m effin’ exhausted. All I wanted was to get my son to sleep so I could sit down with my laptop and take a rest while searching about removal of stretch marks. Hayy I am not lucky mom. After I gave birth I’ve noticed that I had stretch mark in my butt. Fortunately there are many products out there in the market to diminished my dilemma.

I'm a bit sad here I really miss my dad and mom..

My dad's birthday is upcoming. I wish I could hug and kiss you in person. I miss you so much mom and dad. I just get so depressed sometimes because I don't have my family here. But thanks to hubby to cheer me up. I can't wait our next vacation in PI.

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