Buddies night out w/o me

"You're the kind of friend that if my house was burning down, you'd be hitting on the fireman. You're the kind of friend that steals my umbrella in the rain to see how fast I can run. You're the kind of friend that laughs when I fall, then you trip me again. You're the kind of friend that can't bail me out of jail because you're right beside me in the cell. Most of all, you're the kind of friend that will be with me until our last breath. The kind that will be chasing me around the nursing home, trying to hit me with your walking stick when we're old and saggy. And for that I love you. lol! ♥ ♥ ♥

Awww i'm so touched.. One of my friend sent this in my cellphone and I just want to share to all of you guys. Anyway, Just wanted to say Good Morning everyone.. A blessed Sunday to all.

Last night I had a chance chatting with my friend while I'm searching about learn more about weight loss diet pills online. My friend yhang invited me to go out, girls out night actually but sad to say I cannot go with them I need to watch my baby.

These are the photos of my friends night out.. Gosh I'm so envy naman..

Oh la la, you guys are so hot and pretty.. Next time I'm gonna go with them promise.. LOL!

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