BLog Hopping

Eezzz.. Pardon me folks for not posting an update for the past couple days. It will be a very busy day for me and hopefully I can continue the blog hopping which I started today. I just feel sad coz I haven’t blog hopping from this blog for a decade years now. Lol! Fortunately I am in the mood to blog today and I need to do some online errand like modern furniture and I want to shop online.

Yay, rain has been pouring since Monday. Anyway, Last Monday we had lunch with my friend and my boss at Island Hilton because for some reason I wanted to eat buffet food. I eat whatever I want. Tehhe! I’m happy it was quite an experience once again. I missed this kind of experience specially when I was in PI.

Hopefully I will be back later to return visit but I guess that is after I take a nap. Have a good day!

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