Aj's 7th Birthday

Just stop by and leaving a short note here.

..Again, again! As usual it's going to be a bit busy around here. Constantly swamped..

That's me fellas!!! I've been busy with a lot of stuffs since yesterday that I was only able to visit a few blogs again. Just hoping my PR wont lost. Actually, I only visited a few the whole weeks through! I’ am trying to finish my online errands but sad to say some of them are already expired and I can only clutch in one post a day. Hayy feeling indolent today I have not done any work yet today. I did some odd jobs earlier but nothing primary. I want to snooze and seek for Mobile Content Distribution Platform online. I desire to buy sprint TV from mobiltv inc. Ooh well I’ll better to check out NFL Mobile on Verizon, UFC, NBA League Pass Mobile and MobiNOW on the iPad & iPhone - they're all available here, powered by MobiTV AMP.

Anyway, my short post turned into a whine... tehhe! Just wanted to share the event we attended yesterday this what I mentioned in my last update.

Aj's 7th Birthday Party ( My colleague's son ).

The Kidos.. They loves to play.

I have to get off now to continue searching regarding the TV I desire.

I hope you're all having a great week

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