Stocking stuffers from the grocery store

Guest post written by John Stoker

Most of the time the day before Christmas Eve, my wife has me run by the grocery store on the way home from work to look for and buy some stocking stuffers for us and the kids. Actually, normally my wife goes ahead and buys most of the stuff to put in her own stocking which is normally beauty products, so it's mainly just for the kids that I'm finding stuff.

I always fix and stuff the stockings too while my wife is setting up otherwise, so I thought that this year I could do something extra special for her and get her some stuff that she doesn't know about to put in her stocking. I went online to try and get an idea of what I could get for her in that regard when I came across the website and after I read through it some, I switched over our internet service to that provider.

I'm planning on going by the mall on teh same night that I get the grocery store stocking stuffers and getting her a pair or earrings or a nice necklace, not anything too expensive but something she'll like to be surprised with.

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