I'm sick

Hello Fellas! How are you? Just hope that all of you are fine. I rarely update my blog here, because I'm pretty busy with my job and my family as well. So much too share but still I can't write a lot recently. Currently status: I'm not feeling very well and totally exhausted. Dizzy head and it seems that I almost caught colds and fever again. Casey is sick as well. (Get well soon baby)

By the way, yesterday I bought something for myself. Just some simple stuffs to cheer me. I also bought dog perfume for my friend my endowment on her birthday this coming Friday. I’m pretty sure she gonna like it and I’m so excited to bestow my gift. I'm so glad that I've good buddy like you.

OMG! I can’t believe it… Valentine is around the corner….Would you believe that next week will be February already? How time flies sooooo fast really. Casey is turning 17 months next month of February.

Before I ciao just wanted to share casey's latest picture.

So adorable and cute.

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