Sprucing up my holiday cards

Guest post written by Eleanor Carlton

Most of the time I like to take pieces of old Christmas cards or just buy blank cards and make my own completely unique ones. It's a little fun project for me and I think that people appreciate homemade cards so much more than store bought ones with just a signature inside.

I wanted to do something else to really make my cards great this year, so I went looking online with my Clear wireless internet to try and find some ideas. Well I found lots of ideas, but none that really stood out to me all that much.

Then I came across this idea for garland trim that I could make to hang up on my tree or even go to my cards. So I made a whole bunch of it and actually did both. IÕve glued three-dimensional objects to my cards that IÕve made before, but there was just something about this that made it seem so much more special. Besides, who doesnÕt love matching their Christmas cards to their Christmas tree garland and your friends noticing?

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