Organizing my jewelry collection

Guest post written by Maggie Wyatt

I've been putting off something for way too long, organizing all of my jewelry. It's the one thing that I splurge on in my wardrobe, so I should take a whole lot more care of it than I usually do. But, I've lost way too many earrings over the years that I've loved that I need to get a lot more organized.

My solution to this big problem is going to be to get myself a nice jewelry organizer or stand for Christmas. I've been shopping around for them online with my ClearInternet for a couple of weeks now and plan on wrapping it up for myself to open with the rest of my Christmas presents.

I've found all kinds of really unique jewelry organizer, but I want one that's absolutely massive. I really need that though because I'm not planning on getting rid of any of my jewelry or to stop collecting it anytime soon, so the organizer that I buy myself will have to have lots of extra room for my growing collection.

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