Not your average gift wrap

Guest post written by Stephen Kroner

I'm a big believer in using your resources wisely, including when it comes to holiday decor and things along those lines. Some of the things that you can take from nature, like pine cones and twigs can make some beautiful Christmas decorations if you just get a little creative with them.

I was trying to come up with some ways to incorporate some of those natural things into all of my gift wrapping by looking with my Sacramento Clear Wireless Internet at some of my favorite craft and interior design blogs.

I got all kinds of gift wrap ideas and went and gathered a whole bunch of twigs and stuff to use instead of bows on my gifts. I also have some really thick twine that will go really nicely with all of that stuff. I saw on one blog where someone had made kind of a bouquet of twigs to put on the front of a gift with this really thick natural looking twine ribbon to keep it all in place.

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