A Family Event

Thanks for the post from Noble Schultz

It is a family event going out and finding that perfect Christmas tree in the wood lot. As we head out the door we lock it and set the home security alarm from We generally go to a tree farm and search for our own perfect tree. We go through the rows of groomed trees finding the one that fits our home in size and style. The tree we search for is a short needled spruce tree. A height of 8 to 9 feet fits along our vaulted ceiling in front of the picture window. When we find that special tree the whole family has to be happy with it. After we have that unanimous decision we cut it down and purchase the tree. With all our help we load it into the truck and haul it home. When we get home it is unloaded and brought into the house where it is fitted into the tree stand. Standing the tree up we make sure it is centered so it will stand up by itself. It is left to warm up and the branches become more limber. Water is added to the tree stand to help the tree from drying out. Mom brings the decorations and lights out and the children help her decorate the tree. We all enjoy hot chocolate after the tree is decorated and the lights are turned on.

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