Christmas cookies for my pals

Guest post written by Vicki Robinson

I guess that you could call my friends and I foodies. But that really only applies to sweets. We're always texting each other about a new dessert or cupcake bakery that has opened up near us and most of the get-togethers that we have actually has to do with eating. I think that money spent on a delicious dessert is definitely money well spent.

So for the holidays this year I wanted to do something special for my friends and find a really great cookie recipe to bake and give to them. I went online with my clearwirelessinternet and found lots and lots of ideas. But I kind of wanted to go simple because I don't have a whole lot of baking time to squeeze in before I go home to visit my family.

So I whipped up some simple Christmas cookies for them all and used some neat looking cookie cutters that I had to make them all. I also added some cool looking sprinkles and icing on top of it that I think they really liked.

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