Actually we all wore shorts!

Thanks to Roman May

When I lived in Florida it was different then where I grew up at Christmas time . I was from the Northeastern part of the country and it's cold at Christmas time. So when I first went Christmas tree shopping in Florida I thought it's going to be so different. The family traditions I realized were not! My family was still living with me in Florida and so we all did what we always did back home. There were a few exceptions to the usual way we did it. No one put on a winter jacket or boots or gloves. Actually we all wore shorts! That was rather great. We still used my sister's minivan and I still was the last one to leave the house because I had to set my home security alarm from All Home Security before I could go get my Christmas tree. That made me smile. The shop that we always bought our tree at was different but the lot owners in Florida were terrific and fun to deal with as we looked around. The tree we bought was the usual full and tall tree that we always bought and yes everyone agreed it was the “one” thank goodness.

It was a nice experience even though being warm rather then real cold didn't quite feel like it was Christmas time. I have to say I realized wherever my family is that's what makes it feel like Christmas.

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