Rain rain go away...

It’s raining today and I hate it. I was supposed to meet my friend talking about San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer at Steigerwalt law firm have wide knowledge representing individuals through bankruptcy proceeding ruin then I backed out last minute coz I'm having diarrhea. One of my colleagues need help for free debt evaluation to assess her status of finances and my friend fiancé is a lawyer who used to stay in San Diego.I thinks my friend and I need to meet up some other day talking about my colleague’s problem.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to watch movie tomorrow after work with hubby and my son and having dinner at Ruby Tuesday and I need a new loot, I just want one =). Shopping, shopping awww!

Hopefully the weather is okay tomorrow so that we can go mall and buy casey’s stuff at K-mart. Have safe day everyone! Need to ciao folks..

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