The perfect end for a great story

Breaking Dawn: The perfect end for a great story

Thanks for the guest post by Dave Myers

After many years away from literature, the Twilight Saga was a great jumpstart to begin reading again. These books were written in such a brilliant way. Plot tightens and suspense just keeps growing page after page. Once I started reading the first book, I was not happy until I read the very last page. I read the four books in four weeks.

From the entire Twilight collection, Breaking Dawn was my favorite. This book along with the entire Twilight saga was the best entertainment right next to satellite television from In Breaking Dawn, Meyer brings the Twilight saga to an end in a very unusual way. The unexpected twists and suspense keeps the reader engaged throughout the story until the end.

It was really easy to fall in love with the characters, especially Renesmee. Meyer gives a sense of reality to the story that anyone could feel identified with it, even though we are talking about vampires and wolves.

Breaking Dawn gives all the answers from previous books and rounds up the story very well. Whatever seemed impossible to happen during the first books becomes real in this story. Stories that did not make sense before make complete sense in this book. Cant wait to see what Hollywood will make out of this book

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