New Thanksgiving pumpkin dessert

New Thanksgiving pumpkin dessert

Guest post written by Caroline Spicer

I thought that this year for Thanksgiving, I wouldn't fix pumpkin pie. Quite frankly, I'm a little tired of the dessert even though I love pumpkin stuff. So I thought that I'd make some kind of other pumpkin dessert that my picky son will actually eat for once.

I think that people have come up with a recipe for pumpkin everything, so it really wasn't hard finding something, really just hard to figure out exactly what kind of new pumpkin dessert I was going to try and fix. When I was looking through all of that stuff I found some stuff about a wireless internet company and after reading some more info I changed over our internet service to the company.

I settled on some pumpkin spice cookies that I think are going to be really delicious. IÕve tried some before that are like them, but never tried to make any myself. I think that I can get my son to help me make them the night before for fun, which will help convince him to eat them the next day.

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