My Lunch Hour

My Lunch Hour

Thanks to Austin Camacho

I look forward to my lunch hour every day. I work on my feet for eight hours as a CNA so rest times are important. I bring my lunch to work and eat in the designated breakroom. I love all of the banter and good humor floating around that room about the job and the residents we work with. It is the one place we can all sit and discuss what we really feel about certain issues or people. The medical field is full of things to talk about as well as be frustrated about so this time spent with fellow employees is important. There are days when we are all just too tired to do much talking and we sit and watch the news on DIRECTV just to unwind. I never fail to walk out of that room feeling closer to everyone then when I walked in. You get certain impressions of people while they work that are not necessarily accurate. During the lunch hour people are more likely to act like themselves and just be who they are. Some of them seem so serious at work while doing their jobs but just come undone during the lunch hour while laughing, joking and talking. It is the one time of day that I can truly relax and bring a small slice of joy into my day.

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