Learning about the woman behind the vampires

Guest post written by LeeAnn Marshall

No I haven't been trapped in a cave for the past couple of years. Instead I've been working on a dissertation on the other side of the world. So you'll have to forgive me for just now catching the Twilight vampire craze. When I came back a couple of months ago I had so much catching up to do with all my friends and family and then after i was doen with that I started catching up on all the great pop culture that I had missed. First off was catching up on teh Harry Potter movies. But then my best friend insisted that I read teh Twilight books and watch the movies.

I looked them up and bought them online and right after I did that I ran across this site clear 4g internet and switched over my internet service to it after I gave it a proper read through.

I'm not saying that Stephenie Myer is the next Ann Rice or even the next Stephen King because from what I've read King definitely doesn't think that. But I think that reading the books was a nice thing to do after feeling detached from civilization for so long.

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