Giving Thanks

The Author of this post is Les Snow

Every Thanksgiving my family and I travel to South Carolina to visit my wife's family. We do it up right by packing our bags, turning off the lights to our house, setting our home security alarm from and pile into our conversion van to make the 300 mile drive to Fort Mill, South Carolina. Once there, the men in the family crowd around the television to watch the football games and wait for the turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, squash casserole, sweet potato pie, apple pie and the pumpkin pie to all be put out onto the table. Then it's just a free-for-all as we race to pile the food onto our plates and get back in front of the television before the next play happens. Then everyone takes a nap for an hour or so before heading outside to walk off the fifteen pounds we just gained from eating so much. Sometimes we play touch-football which all of the kids love to do. Some of the women participate, but most sit on the huge wrap-around porch and watch us play or catch up on every one's life events. It's a great time and we always look forward to spending Thanksgiving there and stuffing our faces full for a couple of days.

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