Feel lazy

Hubby asked if I want to go to the market. I don’t feel like going to the market coz the market area is far from our house. Unless if hubby want me to buy new loot. LOL! Actually I was thinking of buying house stuff. As I mentioned on my previous post hubby and I was renting. We’re staying at my in-laws house before but now we decided to detach with them. And I would like to thanks with them for helping us a couple of months to stay with their house.

Since I’m very lazy to go somewhere now I was reading trade show displays online. They offer one stop shopping. Then I surfed all types of exhibit booths furniture since I want to purchase house stuff. I also browse truss and logo floor mats on their site. They also offer all types of display lighting. I’m gonna tell to my SIL about the lighting I’ve read as far as I know she wants to buy that kind of display.

Oh my baby is woke up already need to ciao. Bye folks.

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