Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, But Set Your Alarm

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, But Set Your Alarm

Guest post written by Darryl Hoover

Some years ago, "As Good As It Gets" launched in theaters nationwide. It was expected to do very well, with its stellar ensemble cast that included Jack Nicholson, as obsessive-compulsive curmudgeon Melvin Udall and Helen Hunt, aka Carol Connelly, his tireless and fearless waitress with a heart of gold for her asthmatic Spencer. Greg Kinnear, as Simon, was not as well known but still had his legions of fans. James L. Brooks, the screenwriter, also brought out droves of fans as well who are forever enamored with a solid, well-told storyline and full characters. The actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. was cast in an unusual role as an art dealer. Skeet Ulrich, famed actor Robert Ulrich's son, also had a pivotal role as well. Actor-screenwriter-director Harold Ramis, of "Analyze This" fame, is physician Dr. Martin Bettes. The actor-screenwriter-director Shane Black, of "Lethal Weapon" fame, also played a pivotal role as the diner manager, "Brian."

It was no surprise that Nicholson and Hunt swept up their Oscars, among the movies many Oscar nominations. Part of the allure with this movie is that you won't be hard pressed to find its fans who've seen it more than once or twice. Occasionally, it comes out in second-run theaters because while at home viewing is convenient, there's nothing like the big-screen to capture the essence of a wonderful film, larger than life such that it pulls viewers into another parallel universe of reality sprung true to life from imagination.

Life in the Big Apple, like other metro cities, is exciting, with visual artists such as painters and photographer hosting receptions where believers and buyers gather to pay tribute and purchase art. The glamor and high spirits in "As Good As It Gets" reflect one aspect of the artist's life. The other elements of life in the big city become flesh and blood when Greg Kinnear's character, "Simon" forgets where he lives and doesn't take the precautions required to live, work and play in a city where everyone is not as fortunate or as kind as you might expect. There are others who are less fortunate, and perfectly willing to exploit the kindness of others.

With all the amazing elements of "As Good As It Gets" that keeps its fans coming back for more full bodied plots of memorable characters that truly come to life, viewers feel like we know these people. All of them. The characters go through changes, and come out on "the bright side of life". You keep the faith, but you set your home security alarm from prior to going to the theater, and when at home.

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