Really Rich Real Estate - My Favorite Real Estate Themed Television Show

This guest post from Arlene Guthrie

Real estate is not just an issue for the middle class. Sometimes we like to watch opulent people selling lavish things. However, because we are troglodytes living in the squalor of urban societies, normally we are not privy to this world. Thankfully, television gives us a window into the magical world of rich people, and all the mystical rich people problems they must endure, including the selling of their overpriced real estate.

Really Rich Real Estate gives us the insight on the likes of pseudo-celebrities like Pauly Shore as they attempt to move their mansions to an unwitting buyer. The surreal nature of the show reaches titanic proportions as we the audience are left to ponder how is it these celebrities of ill repute came to earn their fortunes, while people who have made real contributions to society like teachers and humanitarian aid workers are rewarded with lives of poverty. As we marvel at this aspect of the American dream, we also get to see how much nightly parties and massive orgies affect the value of real estate.

Really Rich Real Estate is about the wealthy and how wonderful it is to be wealthy. Moreover, it allows us the little guys to dream of our own futures in real estate. Real Rich Real Estate is available only on VH1 through satellite TV programs from

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