Pillow Cases Full of Candy

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

Year after year my family and I absolutely go all out on our Halloween adventures. This year my daughters are going to be Snow White, Cinderella, Anastasia, and Barbie. My two sons are going to be one of the Ninja Turtles. Taking all the kids trick or treating is very exhausting but well worth seeing all of their happy faces and mouths full of candy. The kids start their halloween day off by waking up extra early so that they can get into their costumes before they catch the bus for school. At school they have their Halloween parties and usually end up coming home with a bag each full of candy. We usually do not have much time to do anything between getting home from school and then off to hit the neighborhood up for regular trick or treating hours. The kids carry a pillow case instead of buckets and most of the time each child will come home with half a pillow case full of candy. The candy usually does not run out until after Christmas and the children are allowed to have 3 pieces a day after Halloween is over. My favorite part of Halloween is coming home on Halloween night and sitting all the kids in front of the tv and watching one of our favorite Halloween movies on Satellite TV from

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