House Hunters on HGTV

House Hunters on HGTV

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

While there are many different types of shows to choose from, one of my favorite types of shows to watch are those that focus on the real estate industry. Of all shows that are about real estate, my favorite overall is House Hunters, which appears on HGTV through my DirecTV.

My favorite part of House Hunters is getting to see what homes all over the country look like. House Hunters focuses on potential home buyers who are working with a real estate agent to find the perfect home. The potential homebuyers are from all areas of the country and the world, which provides me with the chance to see what kind of home i could afford in markets all over the country.

The show also focuses on the negotiation process in purchasing a home, which includes negotiating price, credits at closing, and how to deal with a mortgage lenders. All of these aspects are extremely important and give me insight into all the work and effort that goes into purchasing a home. After the purchase is complete, many of the home purchasers are shown months later in their new home which has been updated with their own personal decorations.

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