Happy to see my old friend.

I had a great time talking with my old friend who used to stay in United States. Actually he’s my childhood sweetheart. He was my first crush I was about 9 yrs old that time ( So young lol) and he’s my classmate as well. When we were at 6th grade he went to a different school. Then after we graduated in middle school his mom was arrived from abroad and he decided to go with his mom and continue his studying in abroad.

After 20 years not seeing him I was surprised he found out my FB account and he added me. I was glad to see him again we’re both happily married and have kids either. We talk about our family, work, and his sport baseball. He was asking me if my hubby was fascinated in baseball and I said NO he likes basketball than baseball and he was extremely enthusiastic in lakers team. And he mentioned regarding the ticket america if we are interested to buy ticket to watch live NBA basketball team the ticket america offer consumers a safe and simple way to purchase tickets to the world's top events such as Pepsi Center, Wachovia Center , Bradley Center, Energy Solutions Arena, and my favorite Madison square Garden

I’m gonna tell to hubby about the ticket I’m sure he gonna like it.

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