Family winter activities

Family winter activities

Guest post written by Louise Sanderson

Our family isn't exactly one of those where we all just stay locked up in our bedrooms all the time away from each other. We actually do a lot of stuff together and always sit down and try to eat dinner together so that me and my husband make sure that we're there for our kids and they can feel like they can come to us with any of their problems.

I was online the other day trying to plan a fun winter themed family outing when I came across and read through it. It ends up that it looks better than the service we've been using for a while.

I decided after some research, that it would be best for this outing, which will be pretty short because of some prior engagements we have that night. We're going to go ice skating at a rink about an hour away from our house. We used to take the kids pretty often but we havenÕt been able to in a while so I think that itÕs going to be really great.

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