Family tradition at the county fair

Guest post written by Tom Lackey

Our family grows pumpkins and every year at the county fair we always enter our prize pumpkin into the contest and we always place. Well this year, our son helped us grow the prize pumpkin and he's so excited to win the grand prize in the contest this year because the pumpkin reallly is absolutely huge.

I was looking online the other day at a photo gallery of prize winning pumpkin pictures when I ran across the web site and after lookign through it I think that we've decided to switch over our internet to that company to help save some money.

Now, the county fair starts in a bout two weeks and they'll decide the winners of all the exhibitions then. I keep reminding him that only one person can win the grand prize and that thereÕs a good chance that it will be him. But I also said that if he doesnÕt win the grand prize he can just carve the biggest jack o lantern known to man with it and set it out in our front yard.

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