Saturday work

I got up early and just finished my breakfast. My two boys are still sleeping. It’s 6:30Am here and I'm going to go to my work. But before I'll do it, I need to make a medical resume for my niece and I wanna tell you about my yesterday.

Yesterday was raining again and its been 3 days now. I worked the whole day. After work hubby pick me up we went out to California mart to buy cookies. ( Hubby’s Favorite). When we’ve got exhausted we decided to eat in a nearby restaurant. (Eating time again) To tell you honestly hubby and I we’re trying to be a vegetarian again. Actually I tried to be one few years back fortunately I failed miserably just after 1 week. Sounds ridiculous right? * Laughing out loud* So in the end I cave in.. Well I need to change my lifestyle dramatically. heheh

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