2nd day at work

Before I continue to search about bathroom fans I just wanna tell something about my 2nd day at work as a parts consultant trainee. I must say it is one of the most stressful day I experienced. I feel extremely tired. I need to familiarized of parts descriptions, specifications, and basic numbers as well. How to create and sell attached and unattached quote, how to sell an SOR onto repair order,creating special order, make an invoice from SOR, I need to know about microcat live online and ADP system as well.

Oh boy I hate dealing with the service advisor and the technician they are extremely rude but I don't have choice.Need to cooperate with them especially the customers or else I don't have sales LOL! Anyway this is a new challenge for me. I can handle this kind of job I know what sort of capability I have.

Now I had a chance to post our labor date last monday as my promise. We ate at reef hotel @ alize restaurant and we went to DFS.

These are the pictures:

Heading to Alize

Eating Time

Hubby wants ray ban eyeglass

Baby buy me LV or chanel bag please. LOL

That's for now. Back to my searching mode..

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