Had a great Sunday!

Hi everyone! Today is Sunday and I won't have time tomorrow morning to tell you how my day will start. As for me, my first weekday is totally swamped.

Let me share how we spend our Sunday day. Got up at 9:30am and my two boys as well. We took a shower and then and had late breakfast. I cooked egg, hotdog, fried rice, crab and soup and prepared cereal for my little lad. I just remembered when I was younger, I used to get up at dawn and admire dewdrops on plant leaves. When I used to live in the PI i really missed my boondocks badly. Now, living in the island western Pacific Ocean I find as a result, days seem to be shorter and I often do things in a's quite stressful. =(

Anyway, at 11:00am hubby’s drove off by car to a nearby laundry to washed our clothes. We don’t have time to wash our clothes at home. Then we came back at home after a few hours to take a rest.

In the afternoon hubby and I decided to go under water world with our kid.

Let me share some photos..

Here they are!

My poor little boy is so scared.

Huge turtle.

Killer whale

Hubby had a hard time taking photos inside because it was too dark.. oh well! =)

My two boys on the floor!

After we went to under water world. We decided to go GPO mall. Its time for shopping. LOL!

We've tried the frappe godiva.. super yummy.. Love it!

After GPO mall we decided to eat at Micronesia mall located at Dededo GU.

New loots for my little boy we bought it at macy's.

We really had a good time. When we get home the outcome... TIRED!!

Have a great weekend folks.. Goodnight!

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