Awesome day

How's everybody doing? Hope is well with you all. I'm so lucky to met some nice peeps around here, and like to keep in touch with my friends around the world wide web LOL!

Its time to update my blog hehe! I'm back home to rest for a while. I had a fantastic day. Had lunch with hubby at benii restaurant. Some of luscious food we tried are steak bento box, baked salmon set and grilled hamachi kama temp. shrimp set. Another experience for me. Thank you chef!

Its time to go to bed. Feel asleep in front of my laptop. Before logging out need to search disability insurance online.

Oh btw peeps, we went to outback and kareokerbar last Monday.Just wanna share some of my pics. with hubby and in-laws.

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

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huynh ngoc tan said...

I want to be friends with you not?