Super Healthy or Super Trendy?

Nature’s Path Cereal

Do the addition of blueberries, Kamut grain and omega-3s make this cereal better than others? “The important thing is to read the labels and find the buzz words and see how much of it is there,” says Fernstrom. With Kamut or not, you’ll reap the benefits of whole grains in any cereal. All three components are great for you, but you shouldn't turn to cereal as your primary source of antioxidants or omega-3s.

Omega Peanut Butter

“There’s a lot of evidence that omega-3 [fatty acids] are good for heart health," says Fernstrom. "The problem to adding it to different foods is how much of it is actually there that is going to make a difference.” Smart Balance's Omega peanut butter is still great for protein, but don’t eat it specifically for the benefits of omega-3. The best way to get your omega-3 is through foods that naturally have it like salmon or walnuts.

“"Super" is the new trend, but is it just that—a trend? Our health editor-at-large, Madelyn Fernstrom, Ph.D., CNS, weighs in on popular foods and products to tell you if the added “super” ingredients make your purchase worth the money.It’s great to have yogurt, but it’s more important that it’s lower in fat and lower in sugar than if it has acai or blueberries in it,” she says. Read your ingredients—blueberries and acai aren’t in the top five for Yoplait’s Yo-Plus Acai Blueberry yogurt, so you probably won’t benefit from them.

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