I hate monday

In a few minutes, the weekend is almost over. Why the time was really swift? Damn I abhor to work tomorrow. Need some more rest and sleep. Honestly, I hate Monday, Why? Many things to do in the office and lot of phone calls. Early in the morning, lot of customer wants to make an appointment for their vehicle service and they asking if we have, Ferrari parts Mitsubishi parts, Volvo parts, Mazda parts ect. and asking when the parts come in to pick up them in our auto shop for the special order.

Yup, I am working in the auto group company. If you are planning to buy a vehicle just give me a buzz. I am willing to help you and give the best Sales associate NADA professional.

By the way this our car we bought it in our company 1 year ago. It’s a Mitsubishi outlander 2009.

This is me * No Shape* hehe

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Gracie said...

we have the same ride, Jhona! ours is black, thugh. oh, and don't worry about being shapeless for now. you'll get back to your sexy form again soon.

NovaS said...

same here, i hate mondays before... now that i decided to be a fulltime mom...i guess i don't hate monday's anymore heheheh